Leaders of the Next Way Cohort Series

This is an eight-week peer learning and collaboration program is designed for senior leaders rising in every sector to fundamentally shift the way their organizations work.

Now more than ever, accessing new collaborative networks and developing ourselves as leaders is vital to meeting the urgent and exciting opportunities of these times.

For more information and registration details, download the pdf or see details below.

Maybe you see a new possibility and feel called to respond, to act, to lead in reimagining how we live and work on our home planet. Or maybe your community or organization is being squeezed by the impacts of the Earth-sized challenges that confront us—things like resource degradation, income inequity, regulatory pressures, and climate-change. Likely, you simply know that nothing traditional or formulaic will get you, your community, or your organization to where you want and need to go. New futures require new thinking, new skills, and collective access to new action.
Genii practitioners are highly skilled at partnering with you as you envision and begin making a new future real. We bring a tuned-in, on-the-court-with-you, full-stakeholder, whole system approach to vision, strategy, leadership, organization, and team development. We partner with you to give rise to radical personal responsibility, shifts in mindset and context, as well as the transformation of your culture and the larger system to which you belong. We help you channel human energy and tap into the collective genius present in you, your organization, and in life itself.
Our futuring work is centered on developing our collective capacities to be modern day alchemists and master weavers. That’s a fancy way of saying, to work with what you have to create something you want. You see, we know that new futures don’t displace either the past or the present. They arise from, and are woven into, both our old stories and current realities. Our work involves connecting people, real and meaningful conversations, unleashing the greatest intentions and collective genius of all key stakeholders, and being in continuous discovery regarding the next right steps to take to create that new future we are animating together.
In the work of futuring—the courageous creation of a future that works for the good of all—there is no competition. The impact and sustainability of each of our futuring efforts (Genii's, yours and that of many others), is amplified when we come together, support our collective efforts, and share generously. Doing so allows us to hold everyone and everything. To see and connect with others who are bringing about positive change. To learn and grow as a global community. To hold more, more lightly. And, ultimately, cooperative effort makes it possible for us to scale transformation at the pace that our perilous and anything-is-possible times are demanding.