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The World Needs more Futuring Leaders

To the "Futuring" Leaders of the World

I am speaking directly to you.  You who are or will be the “future” leaders of your companies, organizations, universities – you who are creating the future for the world we leave for the generations to come.

You who feel pain and possibility.

You who see that the leadership that got us where we are today is not the answer for tomorrow.

You who are ready to give rise to a more desirable and workable world.

Imagine turning towards our complexity and ambiguity, turning toward each other, turning toward the desired future – one that works for us all. Now.

As a young leader, I have been called a “future leader,” but I want my leadership to matter today and tomorrow.  Do you?

If so, don’t wait until you are at the top – or make being at the top matter.  I encourage you to start now.  Start creating our future – a desired and workable future – today.

What do you need to make happen today?  What do you want to see tomorrow?  What do you want to exist five or 25 years from now?  Who do you want to be?  Who do you want to be around?  What change do you want for your organization?  What change do you want for our world?

At Genii Earth, I have experienced first-hand what it means to create new possibilities within “futuring” leaders’ current realities – possibilities they could not see or bring into existence by themselves.  Unleashing our collective genius is powerful, and urgent.

Join me. We want to hear about the future that you don’t want to wait to make real.

It’s fun.  It’s important.  It’s Futuring.

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