Because the world
needs leaders who can
change the game

We help people develop the mindsets, strategies, and skills to transform their work and create a better future—for themselves, their organizations, their communities, and our precious planet.

What Our Clients Say

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" We learned to tell the future success story that we wanted to live. If you are always looking back at where and when it didn’t work, then you will stay there. When we started telling the story we wanted to live, the story started to be created and became a living reality."

Dwight Osborne, Plant Maintenance Manager, US Utility

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" What Genii does in a very profound way is helping teams and organizations figure out who they are and who they want to be. There is no “fitting you into a box” with a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, they really seek to understand where you want to go, uncovering different perspectives through deep conversations. It is only then, as a thought partner, that they guide you in forging a path forward and growing into all your future possibilities, the ones known now and the ones unknown."

Karen Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Biotechnology Company

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" Are you willing to start with yourself? If so, Genii will expand your horizon for learning in a manner where curiosity and new perspectives thrive. In a fast-paced execution environment, I am taking the right next actions because I learned to lead inclusive conversations and engage diverse points of view. Building shared understanding of the current reality, and navigating it through my creative leadership, has resulted in successful business outcomes in the face of complexity."

Franco Albi, Director, Regional Integration, Western Electric Utility

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" With Genii Earth, we created a true foundation of core beliefs and enhanced the whole life safety pillars of our Get Us There Safe program. This was not just tactical safety, but an alignment of our entire staff and how they can contribute and bring value. "

Mike Lindell, Project Manager, Major Capital Projects in the Semi-Conductor Industry