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How does the future we want become the future we have?

Our Futuring Approach

What is Futuring? Why Does Futuring Matter?

Futuring is a courageous expression of our human capacity to participate in the emergence of a life we want, rather than one we accept as a given.

Far from being a science, futuring is a continuous dance of discernment and creation. At its best it involves intentionally conserving what is already here that continues to serve people and planet—while simultaneously weaving into existence what is more desirable for us, our children, our communities, our organizations, and life itself.

The quality of our lives and the future of our planet are in jeopardy. What lies ahead for each of us – and all of us – is dependent upon our present choices and actions.

The gift of this moment is that our collective consciousness, our capacity to choose and act wisely for the good of all, has never been greater. While we don’t have the final say in how our future will be, we have considerable sway. Developing the capacity for futuring, within our own spheres of influence and across the boundaries that divide us, gives each of us an opportunity to participate in the emergence of an ever-brighter future.

Our unique approach that creates Genii Leaders™, Genii Organizations™, Genii Futuring Conversations™ and Genii Stakeholder Ecosystems™ unlocks the possibilities for the futures needed now.

Genii Leaders™

Genii Earth provides in-depth leadership development for the courageous leaders who are making the world of work, work for the world. 

Our customized programs are based on decades of practice and research on leadership and the skills needed to effectively shift an organization’s trajectory toward higher performance, greater integrity, and wholeness. 

We offer assessments, leadership development workshops, future leaders’ programs, and one-on-one and team coaching to develop your people in the leadership mindsets and skills of Genii Leadership.   

Who is a Genii Leader? Those who –  

  • Infuse work with a greater purpose and do so in the heat and pace of high-performance, execution environments.  
  • Build purpose-driven stakeholder ecosystems that exponentially increase team and organizational capacity to do well and do good.  
  • Lead the transition of a business to new ways that serve an organization’s positive impact in the world.  
  • See work and life connected, making wise decisions for action based on this realization.   
  • Convene conversations that get to the heart of the matter, generating innovative and aligned action. 

Integrating the latest research on the leadership qualities uniquely needed today, we are in service of visionary leaders who are taking responsibility for creating a more workable world. 

Genii Organizations™

We create Genii organizations as a solution to the planetary challenges we experience today through purpose, ambition and genius

Genii organizations recognize the importance of having clear purpose and going to great lengths to ensure it is imbedded in everything they do. They ensure that employees can find and live their own purpose consistent with the organization, empowering team members to take ownership and contribute to the whole.  A Genii Organization’s purpose is your reason for being in business and an expression of care for people and the planet. Leaders in Genii organizations understand that purpose is directionally generated in every conversation, because they recognize that the purpose is only as real as it is generated consciously every day. You are either on purpose or not. Purpose is a litmus test for action and unifying is one of its biggest functions.  Genii works with organizations to renew purpose to the times we are in.  

Ambition is an expression of authentic desire and is purpose in action. Ambition is different from “goals” by virtue of its connection to purpose.  Genius is the individual and collective intelligence and wisdom of your organizational community harnessed to serve purpose.  We help develop an authentic ambition for being a Genii Organization that propels you forward to realizing your purpose.  We enable and unleash the purpose and genius of individuals in your organization to realize your ambition. 

Genii Stakeholder Ecosystems™

To be effective in today’s highly interconnected and volatile work environments, leaders must evolve from simply managing stakeholders to generating and stewarding stakeholder ecosystems that create integrity, reliability and mutual benefit.   

From purpose-driven supply chains to complex capital projects, to collaborative networks working on persistent social challenges, we believe successful Stakeholder Ecosystems will move into a central role in the most influential Work of our time. 

 Genii Earth partners with you to –  

  • Discover the realities of the current relationships, challenges and highest intentions of stakeholders 
  • Map the ecosystem as it is today, including its concentric circles of effect  
  • Generate shared purpose among stakeholders 
  • Build alignment on how you will operate and interact moving forward for mutual benefit  
  • Identify ongoing practices for keeping the integrity of your stakeholder ecosystems high 

Genii Futuring Conversations™

The way we engage with others, the way we work and live, is guided by the conversations we have had, are having and will have. Conversations shape our worldviews and our daily actions. Today’s conversations will dictate our collective future. 

If we want something different for our work and our world, we must learn to change and raise the power of our conversations to meet the times we are in. 

 How do you innovate, discover ways to both perform as a business and improve the planet, move through inevitable organizational snarls and see the underlying dynamics that are affecting your work — if you can’t have conversations that matter?  

Genii Conversations significantly change the capacity of teams, organizations and stakeholder ecosystems to: 

  • Cultivate the ability to see more of reality 
  • Find the common why 
  • Access collective genius 
  • Transform complex issues from obstacles to pathways 
  • Reimagine departments, teams, industries, societal challenges, fundamental mindsets 
  • Hone the way we talk about our greatest challenges and commitments be consistent with the future we imagine 

 Your ability to perform and to achieve your ambitions is directly proportional to your capacity to have the right conversation with the right people at the right time. 

Stepping into the Practices of Futuring

We are developing and honing ways to understand and practice futuring. We invite you to join us in exploring and expanding the shared wisdom and application of futuring. Start with any of the concepts and practices below.

The only future we can touch is the one that moves
from our imagination into our present moment actions.