Our Expertise

We are experts in developing purpose-led organizations, creatively-effective leaders and high-integrity teams.

If you are committed to a new future and working in the emergent and undefined space of bringing it into existence, our offerings are designed to support you, your teams, your organization and your stakeholders.

Maybe you see a new possibility and feel called to respond, to act, to lead in reimagining how we live and work on our home planet. Or maybe your community or organization is being squeezed by the impacts of the Earth-sized challenges that confront us—things like resource degradation, income inequity, regulatory pressures, and climate-change. Likely, you simply know that nothing traditional or formulaic will get you, your community, or your organization to where you want and need to go. New futures require new thinking, new skills, and collective access to new action.
Genii practitioners are highly skilled at partnering with you as you envision and begin making a new future real. We bring a tuned-in, on-the-court-with-you, full-stakeholder, whole system approach to vision, strategy, leadership, organization, and team development. We partner with you to give rise to radical personal responsibility, shifts in mindset and context, as well as the transformation of your culture and the larger system to which you belong. We help you channel human energy and tap into the collective genius present in you, your organization, and in life itself.
Our futuring work is centered on developing our collective capacities to be modern day alchemists and master weavers. That’s a fancy way of saying, to work with what you have to create something you want. You see, we know that new futures don’t displace either the past or the present. They arise from, and are woven into, both our old stories and current realities. Our work involves connecting people, real and meaningful conversations, unleashing the greatest intentions and collective genius of all key stakeholders, and being in continuous discovery regarding the next right steps to take to create that new future we are animating together.
In the work of futuring—the courageous creation of a future that works for the good of all—there is no competition. The impact and sustainability of each of our futuring efforts (Genii's, yours and that of many others), is amplified when we come together, support our collective efforts, and share generously. Doing so allows us to hold everyone and everything. To see and connect with others who are bringing about positive change. To learn and grow as a global community. To hold more, more lightly. And, ultimately, cooperative effort makes it possible for us to scale transformation at the pace that our perilous and anything-is-possible times are demanding.

Our Expertise

Sustainability Culture Transformation

Genii has deep expertise in helping organizations intentionally transform their culture so that sustainability is embedded and integrated with everything in your organization and with the world  

Having a culture of sustainability within an organization means that sustainability principles, practices, and values are deeply ingrained in the company’s beliefs, behaviors, and decision-making processes. It goes beyond just adopting eco-friendly practices.  It involves integrating sustainability into all aspects of the organization’s operations, strategy, and relationships with stakeholders. This cultural shift emphasizes long-term environmental, social, and economic considerations. 

A culture of sustainability recognizes that an organization’s success is intertwined with the well-being of the planet and society. By embedding sustainability into its DNA, an organization positions itself to thrive in an evolving business landscape while contributing to a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable future. 

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Safety Culture Transformation

Traditional approaches to safety, even as recent as a decade ago, are no longer sufficient for today. The evolution of safety from an isolated discipline to a core capacity with a whole life approach that is consistent with a sustainable organization is what is most wanted and needed today. 

 Genii Earth has been partnering for decades with leaders and teams to develop their capacity to transform their safety cultures and performance in a way that positively transforms the whole of their organizations.  

 Having a safety culture within an organization refers to the collective mindset, values, behaviors, and practices that prioritize and promote the health and safety of employees, customers, and all individuals associated with the organization. A strong safety culture goes beyond mere compliance with safety regulations; it involves a deep commitment to preventing accidents, injuries, and hazards through proactive and mitigative measures, communication, celebrating successes and continuous learning. 

It’s no secret that those organizations with a strong safety culture are also those with high employee engagement and that the best safety leaders are also the best leaders.  

Genii Earth is uniquely positioned to help organizations take on the safety values for the times we are in. We help your organization expand physical and personal safety to whole life health and well-being.

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Major Capital Project Team Performance

Exceptional major capital project team performance goes beyond simply achieving project goals; it involves surpassing expectations, demonstrating high levels of collaboration and innovation, and consistently delivering successful outcomes within the parameters of time, cost, quality, safety, and scope.  

Genii Earth has decades of experience and expertise partnering with project leaders to overcome traditional project breakdowns and establish and monitor shared agreements about how collaboration and work gets done. When a breakdown does occur, the project team is able to address it effectively and efficiently to move beyond differences to an even more exceptional performance.  Team members experience significantly higher levels of engagement, accountability, learning and problem solving as well as satisfaction in their work through Genii’s project team approach. 

Genii focuses on projects contributing to and solving our earth-sized challenges.  

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Collaborations for Systems Change

Rapid, transformative change at a systems level requires extraordinary collaboration among individuals and organizations who often have competing short-term interests and agendas. Tackling complex challenges such as transitioning to a low-carbon economy, instituting a materials circularity approach in a large supply chain, or effecting social change at a societal level are just a few examples where systems change collaborations are crucial. 

Central to addressing these complex challenges is creating the capacity to influence and coordinate behavior when “no one’s in charge but everyone is affected.”   Reaching within and across organizations, and often multiple sectors, to affect a multitude of individuals and collectives gets everyone moving in the same direction. 

Genii Earth’s expertise lies in engaging the players in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem to articulate a desired future that is large enough and compelling enough to create the common ground needed for collaboration.   Once that unifying vision is in place, we facilitate conversations and design processes for discovering a way forward that realizes the desired future in ways that work for all stakeholders in the system. 

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Customized Leadership Development

We help leaders in dynamic, complex environments develop their ability to lead creatively versus reactively.  Equally important, we strengthen the co-leadership capabilities of those leading key stakeholder groups.  Leadership Development creates an ethos of, and shared practices for, development that expands outward from creative leaders to their team members and keeps everyone on a learning edge and contributing in optimum ways. 

Using the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment, we enable individual leaders and leadership teams to become aware of their most limiting reactive tendencies and their greatest creative capacities. We then chart a coaching path, most appropriate for each individual and team, to optimize their contributions and realize the team’s vision. 

 Team and individual coaching can occur virtually or in-person. It is often a combination of activities, including individual coaching sessions, coaching provided during a leadership team meeting, uniquely designed team feedback/honing sessions, and coaching to prepare for or debrief important stakeholder meetings and events.  

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Purpose-Driven Supply Chains

Genii Earth helps transform traditional “supply chain management” efforts commonly associated with hierarchical organizations into being full partners with all key stakeholders and acting in service of the mutual benefit for everyone. We take a “stakeholder ecosystem” view of supply-chain management.   

A stakeholder ecosystem is an intricate network of individuals, groups, organizations, and entities with a vested interest in a particular project, initiative, organization, or issue. Stakeholders can have diverse interests, perspectives, and levels of influence, and they may be directly or indirectly impacted by the decisions and outcomes related to the subject at hand. The stakeholder ecosystem encompasses both internal and external parties and can include employees, customers, investors, suppliers, regulatory agencies, local communities, advocacy groups, and more. 

Genii will guide your team to map the processes and understand the ecosystems of which they are a part. It is then you can take on meaningful stakeholder identification and engagement planning. This process often involves going to work on any needed mindset shifts, as well as the development of skills that stake(w)holding requires. 

We also co-design and facilitate meetings, forums and workshops to generate the quality of relationship and collaboration vital for you and your stakeholders to generate unprecedented outcomes. 

Learn more about our Futuring approach through GENII STAKEHOLDER ECOSYSTEMS™.