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Genii Leaders and Genii Organizations

The future depends on leaders who are building organizations that give more than they take.

We believe that our current way of living and working on earth is producing a painful and predictable future.  For us, the good news is that human beings are at the heart of the transition needed to create a future we want rather than one we fear. The future is ours to choose and ours to co-create.

We see building successful organizations that are just and regenerative as the most expedient path to the transition needed.

We partner with clients who go beyond their obligations to shareholders and are committed to generating benefits for all the stakeholders touched by their organization.

Many of the leaders with whom we work seek the capacity to extend their circle of care to include future generations and, ultimately, all of life.  Leaders in these organizations often tell us that they are committed to being a net positive* business: i.e., when they add up all the costs of their operations, they are measurably giving back more than they take from society and from nature.

Some of our clients are at the very beginning of their journey toward having a regenerative and just culture and producing their goods or services consistent with the principles of circular design.

Some have already begun that journey and want to accelerate their progress.

Some are currently at work on technology and projects essential to the transition to a just and sustainable presence of humanity on our home planet and want to execute at a higher level of excellence.

And all our client organizations are led by courageous, intelligent and aware human beings, awake to the reality of our times and seeking to have their business and organizational activity help create a future we all want for ourselves and those who will come after.

* “Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take”, by Paul Polman and Andrew Winston

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