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Leading for Our Future

When you think of the qualities of good leadership, do you see them as static over different periods of human history? Or do different times call for different approaches to leading? If so, what are the leadership traits that are most apt for the time we are in now and for the coming decades?

 At Genii Earth, we are lifelong students of and coaches for effective leadership. We have been considering these questions as we work with our clients in transforming their work to meet the particularly interwoven challenges of the times we are entering.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the following set of leadership qualities as ones that can help you and your teams meet the opportunities of these times:

Five Leadership Qualities for Generating Results that Serve Life

  1. Purposeful and Inspiring Visionaries: Leaders for our Future have a clear sense of purpose that infuses joy and significance into their work and life. They inspire others by helping them connect individual purpose with organizational mission. They remain steadfast in advocating for actions that honor the whole, serve people, and protect the planet, even when faced with challenging circumstances.
  2. Curious and Experiential Learners: Leaders for our Future embody curiosity with a desire to learn and grow. They are always ready to embrace new ideas and perspectives. They approach the world with fresh eyes, holding ordinary moments in awe and gratitude. Their curiosity cultivates a depth of self-awareness, inspiring them to experience and understand the world and their role within it better.
  3. Innovative Creators and Problem-Solvers: Leaders for our Future are creators who see limitless possibilities. Engaging others to bring ideas to life, they inspire diverse groups of people to pool their collective intelligence towards common goals. These leaders understand the complexity of decision-making, including considering the long-term, indirect consequences of their choices.
  4. Empathic and Mindful Connectors: Leaders for our Future demonstrate emotional intelligence and empathy toward all living beings. They understand the importance of balanced “Qi,” channeling their energy to nurture themselves and others. They bring a capacity to listen deeply, to feel the truth of our current reality, and to engage in dialog and inquiry without judgment.
  5. Interconnected and Sustainable Thinkers: Leaders for our Future embrace the interconnectedness of all things, understanding their role as a part of nature, not separate from it. They incorporate this perspective into their actions and practices in business, relationships, and life. They courageously step into new territories, see and break old patterns, speak hard truths, and illuminate common ground. They understand the dance between knowing and not knowing, making them flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

How are you being called to evolve your leadership? How might you bring one of these leadership qualities more brightly into just one meeting or conversation this week? Let us know what you experience.


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