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Meeting Genius as a Daily Practice

Have you met genius yet today? 

We named our company Genii Earth  

One of the meanings of Genii is guiding spirit. We are guided by a spirit of invitation to playfully and urgently step up to create a future that works for all of life. 

Genii is also the plural form of Genius and we believe that genius is everywhere around us.  

  • You and each person you meet has genius. The degree to which one is aware of and accessing that genius is the story of their life.
  • Collective genius is available in every group, every organization, every gathering, and can be accessed to address the group’s most compelling me-, we- and earth-sized challenges.
  • The natural world of which we all are part operates with a level of genius we can only get hints of, and every effort to do so enables us to not only experience wonder, but also act in ways that have a chance of working in concert with that genius.

We believe that building the muscle of seeing and accessing these three levels of genius is an essential ingredient of cultivating a world where individuals, families, organizations, communities and the earth itself thrive. This applies to addressing your teams’ performance issues as much as it does to addressing hunger or climate change. 

If this all sounds theoretical, let’s make it real. 

Here’s a way to begin building the muscle of amplifying genius. Sometime today, when you see and or speak to someone – it could be a stranger on the bus or a loved one – ask yourself, “If I had the eyes to see their genius, what would I see?” Even if your answer is vague or uncertain, trust that it contains at least a grain of truth. 

At Genii Earth we are bringing everything we know and everything we sense to enabling people to become agents of genius, amplifiers of genius, orchestrators of genius, in service of meeting this great moment of possibility and peril.  

Let us know how it goes. 

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