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What Time Is It?

What Is This Time Calling For?

It is clear, as the Chinese proverb states, that “if we don’t change our direction, we will surely get where we’re headed.”  But where are we headed?  Can we afford to passively wait to see how everything turns out for us and our planet?  Or do we throw up our hands and choose the view that there’s nothing we can do to change directions, so let’s “eat, drink and be merry”?

So…What is the calling of our time? …and….What if answering this question is critically important, for me, for you, for all of us?   

Like you, the Genii Earth team has been pondering these questions, and we have chosen to answer that question this way: the time we are in is calling each of us to discover and adopt new ways of thinking and acting, ways that stand a good chance of helping us navigate the me-sized, we-sized and earth-sized challenges of today.

We say this is a time for Futuring, a time to generate a desired future within the complexity of the present.

Our future is a decision. It is forged by the choices we make.

Often, the individual steps we take may feel insignificant. Or we may feel that our own knowledge is too small to make a difference, but when taken collectively, the possibilities for a future whose time is now can become compellingly real.

We invite you to take some first steps to answer the calling of our time and to begin futuring by

  • no longer seeing yourself apart from nature but as a part of it.
  • expanding your circle of care as far and wide as you are able.
  • realizing people, including you and me, are the problem and the solution.
  • accessing and expressing your individual genius and evoking the collective genius of the families, teams and organizations in which you participate.
  • convening conversations that lead to effective action in favor of a future that in the words of one the original futurists, Buckminster Fuller, works “for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” 
  • developing your ability to see and say what is at “the heart of the matter”… and act accordingly.

“The most important question we must ask ourselves is, are we being good ancestors?” – Jonas Salk.

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